The Insane Knight: Answers

“Would you mind removing your pretend weapon from my neck?” Ted asked.

“Okay,” the Knight said, “But don’t try that staring trick that made my mind hurt.”

Ted continued his story.

“Our father was a knight as well as an aspiring magician. He devoted much of his time to transcribing The Book of Ezik, The most powerful book of magic in the world. He never told me how he came into possession of the book, but many nights he let me sit with him as he tried to make sense of it. Unbeknown to him, this book chose its reader.

You were never interested in magic. You wanted to be a knight. You would beg father to teach you how to handle a sword, but he was always too busy with The Book of Ezik. So one day, while father was on a mission for the King, you decided to get rid of the book once and for all. But as soon as you touched the book, it translated itself to you and the pages went blank. That is when everything went bad…”

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