What does it take to live The Good Life?

The red roses wither, the fresh paint fades, the beautiful new dress is gnawed threadbare by the moths. Entropy is the unexpected houseguest, and he’ll be sleeping in your bed tonight. Every night.

Along this path are many intersections for meeting fellow explorers. Perhaps we wander in parallel, our streets criss-crossing with abandon every few years or so. I thought I said goodbye, and good riddance. Now hello again, I missed you, let’s reminisce.

At first sight of her face the memories flood in. If there’s any good to say of time, it’s the generous way her edges have softened. Our tears have become pools of companionship, we cried together. Had we fought? Our love was passionate. Remembering sweetens a smile.

The tap on my shoulder is Entropy, a broad gleaming grin. I turn away. The girl is gone. Pleasure to see you again, old friend. Be well! The light was missing from her eyes.

Where had she been? Where will she go? And why does The Good Life elude us both?

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