On The Run

It all started upside down.

I must have been pretty dizzy or else maybe it would not have started upside down… or maybe it would have. Either way, this is when my crazy adventure started.

I was out with friends hanging around the stoops in the city. One of them had some smack, so we decided to take it. Why not, right? I think i took a smidge too much ‘cause next thing you know, the whole world was upside down. I couldn’t walk or even stand up. My friends were looking at me like I had three heads.

“Are yah aiight? Yah looks a little pale there Teddy.” That’s my nickname, Teddy. Next thing you know, I black out and then I’m sitting in a lawn chair back in the alleyway.

“Wake up Tedz! We’re gonna getz caught! Wake the hell up!”

I says, “Are yous guys serious? Where’z the coppers? We better run.” After that, I was still upside down, running into a bus station.

I put on sunglasses so them poes don’t see my eyes. Once on the bus, I’m half delusional. “Are dey still runnin’?”

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