My Child [Clipping Challenge]

You were always in the background, although you deserved to be the star of the show here on Earth.

I never realized how important you were to me, and to everyone else, until you disappeared.

No one knows where you went, or if you were taken, or if you’ll ever come back…

Maybe they were jealous. Maybe they saw how unearthly you seemed. How perfect, how kind. God’s own little angel.

I don’t get why you had to go. Why you, my little angel on earth, had to leave me alone, with only memories of you playing, dancing, singing, laughing, to keep me from going to a better place.

But why doesn’t anyone else see how perfect you were?

Why doesn’t anyone else seem to miss you?

Why do they act like you never existed?

Am I the only person left who still remembers you?

Perhaps I am, and I will keep your memory alive, so that one day, when at last I’m done with this living hell without you, my child, I can see you again, just like I remembered.

But why is it that when angels fall to earth, no one notices…

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