Reaching a Verdict

Walking beyond the campus into the dark tunnel, his worn-out adidas sneakers were wearing holes in his socks.He didn’t want to stay, no he could’nt stay another second.Law school was just not what he imagined.There were so many stuck-ups and snobby people that he felt the need to buy friendships with others.He had never been a rich boy when he was younger, but wasn’t poor.Now, he felt as if his entire young life he had been living in a cardboard box living on the cold, dark streets of the city.For the first few months, he dealt with this unwantedness and even tried to fit in by buying fancy outfits.After this failed, he tried to just flaunt his pauper-ness and ignore the snobby lawyers but this was even worse.They shredded his clothes and sent him to the hospital, well the big, hefty guys only.He had made a verdict.Since his parents would not understand, he probably would not speak to them for quite a long time now.Reaching the end of the tunnel, sunlight filled the streets of Apartment Row.Home sweet home.

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