Spinning and Spinning, Round and Round

As I was looking on towards the Italian Swings at this carnival, I noticed there was nobody on it. Why do they run it when no one is on the ride? I thought. Then, out of the corner of my eye, i saw a little white speck float down to the ground.Quickly turning around, I happened to notice that this was a little white sneaker falling from the Italian Swings. How on Earth…? I wondered double checking the swings.

Now I noticed a little boy, white as a ghost, sitting on the swing looking like there was no emotion in his little body. Could he be just an apparition? I pondered but realised soon after that his sneaker was solid, making my theory impossible.After a minute or two of gazing at this miraculous boy, I found that there was no one in the controller booth.I ran into it to turn it off, but the lever was stuck. Reacting to this, I automatically grabbed the greasiest item i had, french fries, and squeezed the grease into the lever, making it movable.When it stopped, I grabbed the boy and asked him…

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