Only A Baby?!

I walked into the room and saw that Anna had awakened. “Anna!” I cried, hurrying to her. Her head turned toward the sound of my voice, but from the blank look in her eyes I could tell she couldn’t see me.
“James?” she asked.
“Yes, its me.” I said, taking her free hand, since Dailey held the other.
Strangely, that dosen’t bother me.
“James what happened?” Anna demanded,I could see the color returning to her cheeks.
“Um, you kind of destroyed what was chasing us.”I replied. Dailey had already explained the spell that Anna had performed to me, so I knew that she was going to be blind for a week.
“Oh.” she didn’t seem to know what to say about that.
I changed the subject. “Dailey, what was that Thing?”
His face darkened. “It was a Cyke. Lucky, for us it was only a baby. It shouldn’t have been able to get in here!”
“That was a baby?!” Anna and I cried in alarm.
“Yes. I must leave you now, Anya. I have to figure out how it got onto the grounds!” he departed.
A moment later Angela entered the room.

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