To The Stage

Joe and Wesley came back shortly after. We sat on the beach for a while, until Mrs. Jonas came and told us we had to head over to the concert hall.

Once backstage, Wes and I waited on a couch while the boys got their hair done. Within a few minutes, Nick came up to us. “Hey, do you wanna go over our song a few times? All the equipment is right back here.”

“Why?” Wesley asked.

“I just want to go over it again.”

We had played the song twice when Joe and Kevin approached us. “Emily, Wes, what are you doing in those clothes?” said Joe. Wes and I were confused again. We were in casual jeans and T-shirts. “There’s some dresses in the dressing room. You should look nice for our concerts,” he told us.

Still confused, Wes and I went to the dressing room and changed. Wes put on a yellow dress, and I in a blue dress.

We didn’t ask what this had been for, but it made sense when, about halfway through the concert, Kevin announced, “We would like welcome Emily Rice and Wesley Robin to the stage.”

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