Enjoying The Dream (X)

Okay, fine, I thought. I’ll go along with this little dream. Maybe it’ll give me some ideas for next week’s session.

“So, Adrovan,” I said. What, exactly did you want to talk to me about?”

“Ah, first things first, my boy,” he said, a slight chuckle in his voice. “I would think you would want to take advantage of your ‘dream’ and explore a bit.”

So, I did. I treated this all as if it were real, and wandered the country for a couple of days. Hey, time gets weird in dreams. What you do in a few days really only takes a few seconds. Adrovan gave me some local coinage, and off I went.

After four days of wandering, drinking, and wenching (I was taking full advantage of this dream!), I returned to Adrovan’s tower.

“Now,” he told me on my return, “I must send you back to your world. When you return, bring your companions, and I will tell you of your quest.” He pointed his wand at me, there was a flash, and I awoke in my apartment. See, just a dream!

Except, where did the gold coin in my pocket come from?

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