It Can Wait

Leaning against the wall before class, my ipod is running, I’m just waiting for a friend. Then, there she is. I wave. I know she saw me. She made eye contact. But I got no response.

I watch her just go into the bathroom. Something’s wrong. She always waves.

I pull the white circles out of my ears. Deep breath, deep breath, okay… I move forward walking towards the marked door.

Her hands are holding her up on the sink. She’s just watching the water run. Nobody’s ever in here in the morning so I know we’re the only ones in existence right now.

I walk towards the sink, turning the knob to off. She doesn’t move. Her eyes are glued to the faucet.

“Hey, is something wrong?”

I get no response, she just stands there. I try to grasp her arm to get her to face me. She pulls away.

“Rainey, what’s wrong?”, this time she doesn’t pull away, she’s facing me now.

She bites her lower lip, looking at the floor. I can see tears running down… I can tell she’s gonna fall soon.

I pull her in…”It can wait.”

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