Unexpected guests

I didn’t have time to think about it for too long, when suddenly, what seemed like the whole surface of our small moon was draped in shadow. A Morsian destroyer had just moved into orbit above the surface, blocking the light of the red dwarf and plunging our little expedition into darkness.

“Frag it all, I thought Admiral Gendry got clearance for this! We’re scientists! What the heck do the Morsians care if we’re taking samples from a small moon?” I rotated the Explorer back towards our Transpo-trak.

“I guess the Morsians don’t care why we’re here,” said Lidia from behind her console on the trak. “Get back here and I’ll put in a call to Gendry. Maybe they’re just here for some R and R.”

Morsians sure have a strange idea of rest and relaxation, I thought as I maneuvered the Explorer across the wet sludgey gound to the trac. The smell alone would be enough to keep me away from this pathetic moon.

The sound of Morsian vipers leaving the orbiting ship was unmistakable. I docked as the first viper flew by.

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