Bad Girls Really Put Away Their Dinner

Emma looked down at her flat abdomen. “But…why isn’t my tummy bulging?”

The Joeldemon snorted. “You’re a demon, toots. Bigger on the inside. As big as you wanna be, in fact. You could gulp down all of this party and it wouldn’t show one bit.”

A loud giggle emanated from the region of Emma’s tummy as Julie tickled Chet. Emma rolled her eyes. “If I don’t digest them, am I gonna have to put up with this all the time?”

“Think about your insides, and you’ll work it out.” The demon chuckled. “I can’t tell you everything.

Emma closed her eyes and concentrated on her tummy. She could actually kind of see Chet and Julie in there, if she thought hard enough. She imagined herself shoving the two of them down into a pocket in the darkness, willing them to go to sleep.

It seemed to work; they were no longer on her stomach, but she could still feel where they were tucked away. “Wow…” Emma said. “That was amazing.” She got to her feet. “I think I wanna do it again.”

The demon waved to the door. “Be my guest.”

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