He's really gone...

“How close were you to him?” the reporter asked me.
“Very. He was my best friend,” was my simple response. I was still in shock of his death.
“Mm-hmm, I see.” She scribbled something on her notepad. “And, how would you describe him?”
I had to think about that one. When I had first met him, I always knew something was… different. But then, one day… something changed. He didn’t have that wonderful smile anymore. I mean, it was still perfect, but… it didn’t touch his eyes. It was like one of those smiles that the actor on the commercial smiles when they hold up the product in that weird grip of theirs and wait for the 1-800 number to appear on the bottom of the screen. ...I never even got to find out what had happened to him. “Intriguing,” I told her.
“Rrriiiight,” she said, still scribbling. “Well, thank you, Miss Clene, you’ve been a big help to our investigation.”
“That’s it?” I asked. “That’s all?”
“That’s all,” she said as she left.
That was when I broke down and started to sob.

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