Chapter 4

Whatever, he can’t do anything to me. I need a ride home, it’s only getting later and I’m already dead as it is.
voice calling: Chris
I put the phone up to my ear.
He sounds so tired.
“H-h-hey Chris!” I wonder if i sound drunk “Did i wake you up?”
Pause… I absolutely HATE when he does this. He knows something is wrong, but he inststs on not saying anything. Grr!
“Yeah,” he finally responds, “but it’s okay, i’m awake now.”
He continues, “Is something wrong, Em?”
He’s the only person who ever called me Em, except my dad. It gives me goosebumps.
“Yes,” Shit, i’m so scared, but why!? “I’m in a bit of a pickle, I need a ride.”
“You’re drunk aren’t you?”
“What about Maggie?”
“Well, you see, she’s passed out in my lap,” I sounds like i’m trying to be funny, but i’m not, “and it would only end badly if she drove me home.”
Pause… I hate these stupid pauses!
“Just give me 5 minutes, i’m on my way, babe.”
Babe? Oh yeah…

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