“So I say we go to Arby’s. I really want some curly fries.” Ashley just hoped Cameron wouldn’t mind going somewhere so cheap.

“That sounds amazing right about now.” Cameron could go for some curly fries. Actually he would eat a box if he could be with Ashley.

At Arby’s Ashley and Cameron sat in a corner far away from everyone else. They were in their own world, where nothing could bug them, except the time.

“Wow, can you believe it’s almost 10?” Cameron was in shock, they had been together for 4 hours.

“Wait. What?” Ashley’s parents were, as she had said eariler, very overprotective. They wanted her home by 10 everyday because thats when they said all the “bad” people come out. Of course it wasn’t thay they didn’t trust Ashley, they just didn’t trust everyone else.

“It’s almost 10.” Cameron was a little confused.

“Crap. I’m suppose to be home at 10.” Ashley was freaking out.

“Well we have 4 minutes, and were only 25 from your house.” Cameron would have to make this work.

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