The Good Little Wolf Isn't in This Episode

The Big Bad Wolf got up from his favorite armchair and went out to find the dogs his nephew had met earlier on.
The two dogs were chatting, when suddenly Betsy said, “I smell a wolf.”
“Is it our little friend?” asked Emma.
“No, it smells bigger… and badder… and… good day to you, sir,” said Betsy, as the wolf appeared and she saw just how big the wolf and his teeth were.
“Are you Betsy and Emma?” They nodded nervously.
“Did my favorite nephew spend some time with you?”
“Yes,” said Betsy. “We looked after him.”
“And did you give him ideas on being bad?”
“Betsy did, sir,” said Emma. “She encouraged him to steal cheese from the shop!”
“Is that true, Betsy?”
“Yes, sir, but…”
“Then you are an excellent hound, and just the sort of company my nephew should be keeping if he is to grow up to be properly big and bad.”
“I gave him bad ideas too, sir,” said Emma. “Chasing sheep is just as bad as stealing cheese, if not worse.”
“It certainly is,” said the wolf. “Now, I have a deal for you two.”

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