Facing the Herd

That night, Nina dreamed of nothing but unicorns. Unicorns frolicking in the neverending rain, like in that old Irish song. Unicorns galloping through endless fields. Unicorns looking at her. Unicorns talking about her.


Nina woke up, head as foggy as the steaming jungle outside her shelter. The rain had let up for now, or at least slowed to a trickle. The light grayness in the east suggested it was morning. She slipped on her clothes, damp from the high humidity, and reflected that it was a good thing it had been Casual Dress Friday at work. Jeans were a lot more sensible for this place than a dress would have been.

When she clambered down the makeshift ladder to the ground, she found the entire unicorn herd gathered there, waiting for her. Vague memories of her dreams surfaced, and she started to feel a little uneasy.

“Uh, hi, guys?” Nina said shakily. “Is everything okay?”

The unicorns moved into a circle around her, and Nina had the uncomfortable feeling she was about to be judged.

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