Why Teenagers Don't Answer Certain Questions

“What do you think about this?”

We want to avoid the inevitable argument about why we think what we do. Adults always ask us this question and then afterwards usually try to convince us that our opinion is flawed. Yes, we have freakish abilities, we know what you’re thinking! Hence the typicall answer, “I don’t know.”

“How was school today?”

The reason we don’t want to answer this question is usually because there’s some type of drama we don’t nessecarily want any opinion on. Boys liking Girls, Girls liking Boys, who talked about who. We know that this will spark a discussion on the pettiness of High School drama, and how we’ll understand when we’re older and look back and laugh. We’ve heard it before. Hence the typical one word answer, “Good.”

Teenagers aren’t as sparing with words or unopinionated as people think we are. We’re just clever and diabolical kids who know how to avoid questions! :D

We despise the word teenybopper!!!

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