Nyssa :The First Arrival

Alene felt the first pangs of labor pains, while her husband, Lt. Aherne assured her on video screen from Mars, that all would be well.

“Honey, our mission will be complete by tomorrow, but if you really need me there I can teleport now,” her husband said sympathetically.

Alene, the love of his life, back on planet Venus. Earth had been destroyed six years ago.
He and his wife and about one thousand others escaped by the remaining Space Shuttles.

Sadly many of those died of diseases not yet curable.
Lt. Aherne and four other trained scientists were sent to Mars to test serums to save lives before it was too late.

No child had yet been born on Venus. His and Alene’s daughter would be the first. He had to make sure the serum worked. For Alene, the baby and mankind. Alene (After her mother), Nyssa would be her name, meaning : beginning.

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