Surprise Performance

A bodyguard walked the two of us up onto the stage and we both stood on either side of Joe Emily looked just as surprised as I felt.”Wes and Emily had no idea we were gonna pull them up here tonight.”Kevin told the audience.”Joe would you like to tell them why they’re here?” Joe grinned at us.”Sure.Wes and Emily we know that you’ve written a pretty awesome song with Nick, would you perform it for us?”
“Are you serious?”Emily asked.
Joe tuned to the crowd.”Are we serious?”
The crowd roared and cheered.Joe turned back to us. “We’re serious.”
“Sure.”Emily and I said simultaneously.
Nick beamed, showing off his pearly whites, a rare occurance for him.”Ladies and Gentleman, this one’s called For A Reason!”
As the audience screamed,the boys quickly got mics on us. Kevin gave Emily a guitar and Nick handed me my drumsticks.
Everything happens for a reason
All you ever have is a chance
When life’s DJ gives you the music
The only thing that you can do is dance

We finished the song and the crowd loved it!

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