“Run!” Cameron yelled as him and Ashley were sprinting out the door.

3 minutes until 10

“Okay, this might be a little scary but, you’ll get home on time.” Cameron took off, going 50 in a 25 mile zone. Once on the high way he was going close to 100.

“Cameron your going to get us killed!” Ashley seriously thought she was going to die.

2 minutes until 10

“We’re about half way there. See how much speeding can help you?” Cameron was very calm considering he had only had his licence for about 2 weeks, and he had never sped before.

“Uh. Yeah. I’d rather live, thanks. But then again if I’m a half a second late my parents would kill me.” Ashley was actually disappointed she was getting home so fast. She didn’t want to leave Cameron.

1 minute until 10

“We’re here” Cameron was surprised he had gotten her home on time. He didn’t think it was possible.

“Wow, thanks so much! For everything. I had an amazing night.” Ashley then turned and walked inside.

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