Bad Girls Have Their Own Ways of Sharing

But when Emma stepped out of the door, the entire room was empty. All the partygoers seemed to have gone—except for one. Hanna waved to Emma and giggled. “Hi!”

Emma walked over to join her. “Where’d everybody go.”

Hanna giggled. “I got a little hungry.”

Emma blinked. “You…ate all of them?

“I’m sorry! They were sooooo good, I couldn’t stop with just one!”

“That’s so unfair,” Emma said. “I only got two people. I should have had half the party!”

“Aww, geez,” Hanna said. “I’m sorry! But I can fix it!”

“Yeah? How,” Emma said.

“Like this!” Hanna suddenly grabbed Emma by the hips, and opened her mouth wide—and Emma suddenly found herself sliding head-first down Hanna’s throat.

“Hey!” Emma yelped. “What’re you—” She landed not in the puddle of digestive juices she expected, but on the floor of the very same room she’d just left—only this one had more people in it. “—doing…” She trailed off

Hanna’s voice echoed from all around her. “Just eat as many as you want, then I’ll let you out!”

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