The Good Little Wolf Dreams, As Do Others

“If you continue to coach my nephew in badness, I will make for you my famous ham sandwiches,” offered the Big Bad Wolf.
“Deal!” said Emma. Betsy just drooled and wagged her tail.
“And now, I just be going,” said the wolf. “It’s nap time.”
“It certainly is,” said Betsy, who lay down and was quickly asleep and dreaming of ham sandwiches. Emma, rather more lively than her friend, went home, ran around her yard for a while, and then went to sleep. She dreamed that she was herding ham sandwiches on to a plate.
Once at home, the Big Bad Wolf got back in to his armchair and slept, dreaming that his favorite nephew would grow up to be even bigger and badder than he was.
As for the Good Little Wolf, he was already sleeping very soundly. During his nap, he dreamed of chasing cheese and of stealing sheep. As he dreamed of these and other bad things, a big smile appeared on his good little face.

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