Insane Love....Getting Choppy

” one will.” Jessica’s breath caught. He was going to kill her. She knew it; he was going to stab her right then. He leaned closer to her, his hands on the wall beside her arms. Then he took her hand, she was petrified and did not pull away. He caressed it so gently in both hands though still holding the knife. The he took the knife and placed it just behind the first joint on her thumb and in one quick placement of pressure, chopped it off. Jessica screamed but he placed his other hand on her mouth and she stopped.

The stump that was her thumb throbbed horriblely and he kept a firm hold on her wrist. He was so much bigger then her. His chin came neatly to her forehead and he looked straight into her eyes as he brought the knife to the next joint of her thumb. The piece fell to the floor with a thud amongst the blood that was steadily pooling around her feet.

“No,” she whispered.

“Will you love me?” She couldn’t lie to him.

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