Backlit - 1 - Barely Conscious

Anja’s muscles ached, limbs felt rubbery & the taste of vanilla flavored lubricant lingered on her swollen lips. An hour ago the cab had dropped her off at the apartment building’s guarded entrance. She’d slouched her way into the elevator, then her apartment, slipped off her dress and slid right into the cool bed, naked & pleased.

Each time she fell asleep certain muscles would twitch and wake her. Drifting in & out of consciousness she swore she could hear voices but soon realized that it was her brain beginning its nocturnal processing of memories from the day. Conversations about work intermingled with seductive whispers. It had been a good day and she hoped to remember it in detail.

A soft chime came from the bedside table. Without opening her eyes she grunted in the direction of the sound.

“You have a tweet from Dane White.” said her house in a deep, gentle man’s voice.

“Read it.”

“Had fun, again tomorrow?”

“Respond: Yes, please.”

“Message sent.”

Anja grinned, rolled over & fell asleep finally.

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