Backlit - 2 - Crepes & Lattes

Pale blue cigar smoke & railway grease vapor co-mingled around Anja. The train wasn’t due for another 10 minutes so she’d left the waiting room full of rhuematics to light up a Blondie. Always smooth, even in the most industrial settings. Would be better with scotch.

Dane had woken her up with a breakfast invite to her favorite little cafe. She finished packing, showered & caught a cab to meet him. Strawberry crepes & soy lattes then they shot back to his place. The ensuing copulation took on a sweeter, gentler tone than the session 11 hours prior, most likely because they were both still recuperating. After a short nap together he drove her to Union Station, helped with her luggage, then pulled close to give the most dramatic movie kiss he could muster.

She giggled thinking back to it.

No guy had ever treated her like that.

As the train arrived Anja stubbed out the cigar & lifted her courier bag.

“PDX to SAC & LAX Now Boarding”

A voice in her ear whispers:
Tweet from Dane White: Be Seeing You Love.

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