Thank You

Everyone was clapping for us. I felt amazing. It was like Wes and I had suddenly become famous. Nick came up to us. He turned to Wesley, “Wes, you totally rocked on drums.” Then he put his hand on my shoulder, “You did great, Emily.” I was still staring at him and smiling when the bodyguards came to take us back down to our seats.

For the rest of the concert, my heart pounded. I could hardly believe that I had just gone up and sung a song with Nick Jonas! I had never even been on a stage before!

After the show, Wes and I immediately headed back stage. “Ahh! Thank you so much!” I screamed, jumping on Joe and hugging him. Joe laughed. Then I went to Kevin and grabbed his head with both hands, “You’re so sweet! I can’t believe you did that for us!” He stared at me like I was crazy. Then I went to Nick and hugged him as tight as i could. “Thank you,” I whispered in his ear, because I knew it had been his idea.

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