A Dilemma of Horns

The unicorns were all staring at Nina. And—they seemed to be discussing her. She felt a warm tinge in the spot where the horn had pierced her, and she seemed to catch the occasional word—or thought, or concept; they didn’t precisely speak in English.

Strong, she heard. Resourceful. The unicorns seemed to like her, that was good. But then, why were they looking at her like a juicy mango hanging on a tree? She glanced around to see if the circle had any gaps, but unicorns were blocking every direction.

At last the unicorns seemed to reach a decision. They began to approach her—and lowered their heads so their horns were pointing at her chest. “Uh…guys?” Nina said nervously. “I don’t think I like this…”

Slowly, inexorably, they came closer. Yards narrowed to feet. Nina looked around frantically to try to get past, but there were just too many of them. Their horns began to glow with a pearlescent light.

Nina stood, transfixed, as a dozen unicorns plunged their horns directly into her heart.

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