Christy's Saturday

It was a sort of hyptonic state- just staring at that plastered wall. The pictures were jumping in and out of focus, causing the arrival of a headache. It felt as though one of those huge wrestler people had come to haunt me. Yeah, them and their sledgehammers. Aww, the painful ringing in my ears. How is life really worth all of this?

Green walls make an excellent staring ground. I mean, 200 square feet of greeness just for my two little eyes to look at! What was I going to do with all that space? Ahh- I had reach the crack deviding one side of my room with the other. Guess i’ll have to rotate my head a little. I had caught sight of the little green bookmark. And to think it used to be my favorite! Thought came rushing at me. This was exactly what I was trying to avoid.

It was like they were swirling around my little head, distracting me from my view of the perfectly green wall. They were getting in the way of my time (staring at the wall) and getting in the way of my life.

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