My view of life

Bit of a rough analogy, but stick with me:

Life is like the wall of the LA river. It is covered in graffiti.

Now to most- it is dirty and repulsive. No one wants graffiti on their wall!

But to others- that graffiti is a marvolous work of art. It took time and energy, many hours of planning, and sheer skill.

Lesson: It all depends on how you take life.

Okay- new direction

RINGRING . The bell is ringing. (lets hope you realized that before I told you)

Your life now must follow a schedule. Your life is defined by bells. (atleast if you go to school)

This is a bit sad, isnt it? You must follow the bidding of an inanimate object. Oh, the harshness of what will happen if you disagree with the almighty bell.

the lesson for this one follow what ever bells say, even if it tells you to jump off a cliff

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