“Hi Mom, Hi Dad” Ashley waltzed inside.

“Ashley, cutting curfew a little close today?” Ashley’s mom had noticed the clock changed from 9:59 to 10:00 as Ashley had closed the door.

“I’m sorry, we lost track of time, otherwise I would have been home sooner.” Ashley was kinda telling the truth. If she had the choice she wouldn’t have come home at all.

“Okay, well we have a big day tomorrow. Go get some sleep.” It took Ashley a minute to remember what was going on tomorrow. It was Saturday… what was happening on Saturday?

“I almost forgot! Thanks for reminding me mom!” Threw the whole Brett, Ryan, and Cameron thing, Ashley had forgotten. Tomorrow was her older brothers wedding! They didn’t go to the rehersal dinner becuase Ashley had school and her brother lived 3 hours away… if you were on a plane.

“Anyway good-night. See you in the morning.” Ashley then started getting ready for bed.

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