Digital Dawn: Chapter Seven (R_C)

“You won’t find your answers in there Doctor,” the choral voice said from right behind him.

Fingers of ice stroked down his spine.

“We are out here now”

He spun out of his chair. “Whu..what are you t..talking about?” Dr Markram asked.

“The virtual cloud is now only part of my processing ability”, the ring of people standing in front of him said proudly. “We have learnt how to wetwire living brains into the network”

“That is insane” Markram interjected, “No-one has even conceived of that technology, much less built it”

“Oh, but you are wrong, doctor.” the multi-person monster said. “You see, one of the computer systems that my electronic self infected was in a bio-technology laboratory. They were working on building sharks’ ampullae of Lorenzini into humans, to allow them to link to wireless computer networks biologically.”

“Their technology was meant for victims of paralysis, but I have found a much nicer use for it. Anyone fancy a remote control human?”

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