Talking With Ellen

“Well,” Kevin said, “these are our very good friends, Emily and Wesley.”

“Just friends?” Ellen questioned.

“We’ve only known Wesley and Emily for a short time. It was actually pretty amazing,” Kevin replied, trying to change the subject, “We met Emily first, in a groccery store that was being robbed. And then we met Wesley when her car broke down.”

“They saved me,” I added.

“Wow! How did they save you?” asked Ellen.

“It wasn’t a big deal,” said Nick. He must not have wanted to bring up the traumatic moment. The fans didn’t know about the incident. But, Ellen was looking at me, waiting for an answer.

“When the robbers came in, they…helped me get out of the building.”

The rest of the interview was about their career, so Wes and I said nothing. At the end, the crowd screamed once more, and we walked off stage.

Backstage, Nick came up to me. “Thank you for not saying anything about the robbery. I don’t want the fans to know.”

“No problem,” I told him.

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