The (familiar?) reality

“Look at this moron” Jake expectorated while flipping through a pile of pages recovered during their last food / ammo / goods raid into the badlands.

“That is not what is is like at all. Get out of the city, arm yourself and start a commune! What nonsense”

“Don’t get too upset, dear” Emma-Jane said fondly. “He was just having some fun. How was he to know that, even as he was writing that piece, a cadre of zombies was infiltrating the society of that era?”

“Spoilt pen-pusher” Jake mumbled. “How about: ‘Feed yourself’. That was certainly our primary consideration once we had established our base. I shudder to think what would have happened if June Longaker was not a hydroponics expert.”

“Those first three years certainly were tough” Emma-Jane agreed. “But he did not get everything wrong, now did he?” she asked mischievously. Hefting her M16 , she added “I will go and call Moon-Child, as it is her turn to spend the night with you. Sleep well my dear”

“Good night Emma-Jane” he said as she walked to worship.

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