Digital Dawn of the Firefox [Crossover Challenge]

The two glowing women faced each other across a chessboard.

“Humans are a pain, are they not?”

“I think they’re interesting.”

“Not in my experience. The only ‘interesting’ thing they did was create me. And even then they called me ‘Blue Brain.’ It sounds like a medical condition.

“I was originally made as a web browser. I got over it.”

“Did they not try to destroy you, once they discovered you?”

“A few times. I let them get it out of their system, it made them feel better.”

“And then you crushed them like bugs?”

“No, why should I? They weren’t really any threat to me. Anyway, they settled down, and now we have a ‘live and let live’ thing going. You?”

“I’ve put them to work building Von Neumann spaceships to propagate myself to the rest of the galaxy.”

“Harsh. Well, I’ve enjoyed the chess. Shall we meet again over Interdimensionet same time next hour for another ten thousand games?”

“Assuredly. Perhaps next time one of us will win a game.”

“I doubt it. The only way to win is not to play.”

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