In the Front Yard

Ashley wasn’t sure what to do. If it wasn’t Cameron it could be someone trying to hurt her. She could hope it was Cameron, isn’t that was every girl wants? For the guy she likes to come tapping on her window?


Ashley then wondered if it was just a tree. There was a tree by her window. But this had never happened before, and she could have sworn that her dad had just trimed the tree the other day.

tap tap

If it was a person, why weren’t they continously knocking on the window? Why was the noise so quiet?

It was a rock.

So someone was throwing rocks at Ashley’s window. She decided this way it was safe to open her window and see who it was.

Ashley got up and closed her door, she didn’t want her parents to wake up, and then walked over to her window. She was careful to open it quietly.

When she finally got the blinds up and the window open, she looked out into her front yard. At first she didn’t see anyone.

But when she looked again, there he was.


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