Oh No She Didn't!

Kisrty had officially pissed me off. I needed to go somewhere. So I called Tori and asked if I could come over for a while. Thankfully she agreed. I grabbed my keys and yelled a quick “Bye,” to mom.

I hummed a song I loved as I walked down the driveway. If Kirsty didn’t start that thing in class, it could have been a half-decent day. Before I went to my car, I got the mail. _We really should check our mail more often, it was literally overflowing.

I threw them in the doorway in my house, against my mother’s will. Then I walked around my mother’s car to get to mine.

Oh no she didn’t!

The window was smashed, flecks of ice scattered everywhere.

Dammit!” I yelled so loud, the neighbors could hear.

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