It's Only Fair

“Friends. Sure?” Brett wasn’t sure what to say, he wanted to be friends, but he was going to miss her…

“I really do want to be friends with you Brett, you’re amazing, it’s just that, well, after I saw what I saw, I don’t think I could ever feel the same about you. You probably don’t want me to tell anyone about what happened. I won’t… On the bright side, you and Ryan can become an… item now.” The way Ashley said item made both her and Brett break down into 5 minutes of uncontrollable laughing.

“Friends sounds good. It had been a great 6 months with you Ashley.” Brett was getting back to seriousness. Ashley felt a little extremely guilty for not telling Brett about Cameron. It was only fair…

“Brett, if I told you about someone I hung out with today, would you be offended?” Even if Brett said he would be, she would still tell him, he knew everything about her, just like Ryan.

“Please, after what I did to you? I mean it’s not like you hung out with like Cameron or someone.”


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