“Haha, about that…” Ashley would tell him, she just had to find the right words.

Did you hang out with Cameron today?” Brett had a hint of anger in his voice.

“There’s no use denying it. Yes I did.” Ashley waited to see Brett’s reaction.

“He said he needed your address because he was dropping off your math notebook…” Brett now knew why Cameron hadn’t pressed for details and gotten right to the point.

“Well, he lied.” Ashley then told Brett everything that had happened. Starting from when she bumped into Cameron in the hall right up to how she couldn’t sleep. It was amazing how easily things just poured out to Brett, something about his deep blue eyes…

“Wow. Sounds like you had a nice day afterall.” Brett was definatly in shock.

“I guess so, do you mind the whole Cameron and I thing?” For some reason Ashley wanted Brett’s approval.

“Nah, I was joking eariler… Hey, did you leave your light on?” Brett questioned.

“No.” Yet when Ashley looked, her bedroom light was on.

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