Left Overs

“Hey Jonesey I see Chef brought you out for somthing?”

“I guess so, he is really preparing a special meal for the convention tonight.”

“Well I hope you have a good showing and a stand out tonight.

“What about you Larry, why are you sitting over there all by your lonesome?”

“Chef, started pulling out stuff and this where he put me.”

“Hey man, how long have you been in?”

“About a week, why?”

“You better watch out this may be the last time we talk.”

“I know that you are on your way to the big time!”

“No, no not me, you what date is this on the calender?”

“Its, the10th, what does that have to do with anything?”

“Well Larry, you are out dated and that means that chef has remove the unwanted from the house.”

“What are you talking about, he place me here with the cheese.”

“Cheese, milk, and all the other unfresh, residnets we live with.”

“Well it was nice knowing you, Its show time wish me luck!”

“Yeah, what ever good luck.”

“Chef, whats cooking?”


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