Insane Love.....Stump by Stump

She couldn’t even bring herself to say anything. She just let out a whimper as her right hand throbbed worse and worse. He took the next finger off joint by painful joint with only a quiet whimper escaping Jessica‚Äôs damp mouth. Crystal tears mixed with the blood on the floor. He stopped, holding the stained knife on her third finger.

“Love me Jessica; it’s not like you have any other choice.” Her silence brought another stump falling to the floor. She couldn’t take it and tore from his grasp into the nearest room where she stood panting against the closed door. She held her hand up in the moonlight, shanking, and stared at it unbelieving but for the pain shooting up her arm. His heavy footsteps stopped right behind her. The doorknob turned. She clenched her face and pushed as hard as she could but the door steadily opened so she fled. She ran into a bed, bruising her leg and flew onto it.


“No!” She sobbed.

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