Slight touches, sly hugs, and silent yearnings were all they knew. But all that was about to change. The stars aligned just right and their time had come. They were finally going to be alone. As soon as the door shuts on their secret meeting, clothes begin to fly. Passions are laid bare. She lays on the bed, breathing heavily, quivering in expectation. He approaches almost shyly. Gently, he touches her. Her eyes close in ecstasy. The lips come next, his breath hot against her already burning skin. As the intensity grows, so do his advances. It doesn’t take long before they both know the end as primal screams of pure pleasure burst forth from their mouths. Satisfied sighs escape their lips. The fan begins to cool their sticky skin. As their lids slowly begin to flutter in anticipation of sleep, he brushes her leg with his fingertips, then rests his hand upon her thigh. Before long, their animal instincts take over again. And again. Morning finally comes as they collapse in utter exhaustion.

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