True Zombies Don't Eat Brains

I’ve been to many Zombie Rights rallies in the past couple of years. My friends and I have been doing our best to show that a True Zombie is not dangerous and will not eat your brains or flesh.

But it hasn’t been easy considering the “normal” world is only recently coming to accept that the supernatural world actually exists outside the realm of Hollywood. Vampires, Zombies, Witches, and Wizards. All real. It’s a lot for your average Joe to take in.

Our rallies used to be peaceful. We would purposely stage quiet protests – sit-ins etc. – because to use any stronger, more radical tactics would reinforce the ‘all zombies are violent’ stereotype and we can’t have that.

But lately, a rash of incidents have been sabotaging our efforts. A radical necromancer-wannabe is raising stupid zombies and setting them loose on an unsuspecting public. Our rallies have become targets.

There has been panic. There has been chaos. Worst of all, there have been casualties.

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