MUNI Entrance to Hell (CLFM 2)

Before I could catch my breath the car vanished. I found myself sitting in a dingy booth looking out over a MUNI station.

A huge sign by the street corner announced it as the Powell Street MUNI . My gaze was immediately drawn to the haggard man walking towards me. Even from here I sensed his misery. Not just of the moment but a life drenched in melancholy’s blue tentacles.

“He’s your target,” The voice behind me whispered.

I didn’t turn, something within me knew I’d see nothing if I tried.

“What’s your name?” I asked the demon behind me, for surely only a demon would play with a man like this.

“They call me Mephistopheles.” His voice sounded thick with humor. “Call me what you will.”

“I’ll call you Les,” I said.

The stranger outside stopped, wary about coming closer.

“Hi Jake!” I called, the words popping into my mouth like an alien. “Come on in, I’ve got the perfect job for you.”

Who was the most shocked I don’t know, but Jake dutifully entered the cubicle when I opened the door.

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