Back With Ellen

When we were just about to leave, one of the show’s personnel hurried up to us.
“Hey, Ellen wants to know if you guys can come back on for a couple more minutes. The next guest just cancelled.”
Joe and Nick looked to Kevin for an answer.
“Sure.” he said. “We’re not doing anything, now.”
We went back onstage.
“So Wesley,” Ellen began after the reintroduction of the Jonas Brothers.”Is that your natural hair color?”
“Yes, it is.” I replied.
“So what were the Jonas Brothers reactions to seeing your hair the first time?”
I grinned. “At the time we were in the ambulance after the tour bus accident, their jaws dropped it was pretty funny.”
“Yeah, it was a pretty traumatizing moment.” Joe said, a look of mock horror crossing his face. “I’m pretty sure I still have bright spots in front of my eyes.”
“Hey, now!” I protested, punching him playfully in the arm.
“Ow.Just kidding.”
“I heard about the tour bus accident the four of you were in.” Ellen said,looking at Kevin. “What can you tell us about it?”

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