Nina, Queen of the Unicorns

Nina slowly got to her feet and looked around. The landscape seemed subtly changed, but she couldn’t say how; perhaps she was just seeing it with different eyes.

She looked down at herself. The first thing she noticed was her finger and toenails. They seemed thicker, tougher. Of course. Hooves, she thought. Then she found that her hair was now as white and long as the unicorns’ manes. Well, that makes sense.

The unicorns were watching her, respectfully. Nina suddenly realized that she would know where each and every one of them was, even if she closed her eyes. They were a part of her now, and she of them. They were family. Herd. She hadn’t asked for it, and by all rights she should have been angry about it, but…they loved her. She couldn’t help but return it. She sighed as she realized that even if she were allowed to leave the terrarium now, she couldn’t bear to leave the herd.

As she stood there taking stock, she suddenly remembered something the unicorns had “said.”

Others? What others?

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