Treat Her Like A Lady

You’re gonna get whats coming to you
For all the bad bad things you do to your
Lady treat her like a lady
You’ll make a good girl crazy
If you don’t treat her like a lady

Matt was back in the car with Jordan as nervous as he had been the last time Jordan convinced him to go out.His thoughts were parallel to the song that Jordan was humming on the way to Karissa’s house.
They stopped in her driveway and went up the stairs to ring her doorbell.The door opened just as he reached for the bell. She must have been watching from the window.
“Hey! I’m so glad your here, come on in.”she grinned.
She was dressed plainly,in shorts and a T-Shirt that said “No Cars In Oklahoma”.The joke behind that statement was lost on Matt and Jordan.Besides,they were too busy staring at the Jonas Brothers posters she had covering her walls.
She didn’t seem to notice.”I’ve got the first five episodes ready. Are you guys hungry?”
“Um, no.” Matt said,Jordan shook his head.
They sat down on her couch and Karissa pushed play.

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