Fizz banged-up (CLFM 3)

Danny sat up in bed. Fizz? Eating Lo Mein?

“Fizz, you okay? Are you functioning correctly?”

“Main analogue circuits disrupted,” Fizz explained between slurps. “Head hurts.”

“Leave him alone, bully,” the young lady who’s room this was threw a red silk pillow at him. He knew he’d been wrong earlier, this wasn’t a whore’s boudoir. It’s very attractive owner just had a strong penchant for red.

Fizz was forgotten, Danny had fallen in love…


The dingy booth faded, we were in Hell. It had to be Hell, every thing was red, bright red, dark red, raspberry and pink. So much red it made my eyes hurt.

Jake Laments gave me the stare I’m sure I gave Les, when we first met.

“Head hurts,” a monstrous mechanical thing in the corner complained.

Jake’s eyes sparkled, he glanced at me, then went to the creature.

“It’s been hacked,” he said with disgust, “don’t worry friend we’ll soon have you well.”

“Les, can we get out of here,” I began. Then screamed as demonic claws dug into my shin.

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