The myself

I stepped out of my house. Just for a nice little short walk with…well, myself.

I went the usual way. It was enjoyable until I started thinking:

I really should get someone to walk with.

But I’m avoiding the world.

Yeah, but a person can’t live without friends

But the world hurts.

I was thinking this over during the entire walk- the walk by myself.

I guess all the good things in life have some downside. Its a gamble: sometimes good things come your way, other times bad things happen, hurting you, and making you regret ever waking up in the morning at all. (unless of course you work a night shift and you sleep during the day, and wake up at night)

But its the times when your heart is frozen in happiness that count.

But right now life sucks

Ugh, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about Sam and Jess

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