Since Forever

Faith and I had lived in Tenesse since forever. As far back as I remember we have been together. Our family’s are great frineds, which has the same affect on us. We are like brother and sister. We live in a medium size town, not huge, but not small. Just right.

Right now we are 15 going into our first year of highschool. We can’t wait.

“Bernard, this is going to be so much fun!” Faith says, takeing me out of my thoughts.

She is sitting on the hood of my truck next to the river we would always come too. I am sitting on the ground leaning against it. “Yeah, it will won’t it? New people, new frineds.” I reply, staring out into the river.

“We have to promise to stay close. And if you get a girlfriend you still have to talk to me. Got it?” She asks.

“Sure, of course. Same with you.” She laughs and I could hear her smile.

We are friends, practically best frineds. We tell each other everything. Nothing would happen. Right? Right. I mean it’s not like I_ like her or something. Right? _I hope…

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